Another 100 year old fuel stove gets restored from the ground up!

You have to treat these old timers with respect and care, 


This Younger No 3 stove build in the late 19 century is being pulled out for restoration, as it needs a new oven, ash box, ash grill and the back damper is worn out.

It’s an art restoring a fuel stove that’s over a 100 years old


Once disassembled, the stove parts are repaired, spot welded, replaced and grit blasted.

We retain as many original parts as possible in the restoration or find pieces that are missing, like this brass oven door knob.


When a hand forged piece is missing, rusted away or just needs replacing, then we reproduce that piece exactly like the original, as in this damper key that had rusted off.

It’s an art restoring a fuel stove that’s over a 100 years old, just finding the parts is a real challenge, but that’s half the fun! This is the second Younger No 3 I’ve restored from the ground up, with another coming into the shop shortly.

You have to treat these old ladies with respect and care, but they reward you with another 100 years of service if restored well, which is what we do at the 1910 Ironworks.

We strip them right back to parts, grit blast them, seal and black them and restore them with new riveted stainless steel ovens, drawers, bottom and back plates, so they never rust again. We also rebuild the dampers, grates, fire bricks and any cracks in the cast that requires welding. All hand forged work is repaired or matched to the originals.

I guess that’s why we restore a lot of vintage fuel stoves. If you have one that does need restoring, give me a buzz or drop me an email.

Steve Hogwood –  0402 481461 or Email

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