Ironwork restoration and replicating the past is what we specialise in…

When you’re restoring the ironwork with hand-made nails on a 17 century Oak Sea Chest you really need to know what you’re doing…

When you have a precious antique, an old Victorian fuel stove that needs totally restoring or delicate metalwork that’s now missing that has to match the original, or a photography / film shoot prop and historical piece. Hey, that’s what we do and specialise in delivering.


IMG_8924This is how a 130 year old Younger No3 fuel stove arrived from a client in Sydney, no flue, parts missing and broken, all the tin work rusted away, riveted hinges rusted or missing and covered in decades of rust, soot and grime…



We also restore all kinds of vintage kitchen memorabilia for clients and museums, such as this corn grinder below from the 1890s now in perfect working order. If you need your vintage garden implements resharpened or restored or replica vintage style pieces produced for your garden we can help you with that too.



Working with other master craftsmen in wood, ceramics, glass and leather is also something we encourage when restoring items or building something from scratch.

So, if you have a commission or a restoration project in mind that needs lots of TLC and someone you can work with and also trust to deliver every time.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 10.44.38 AM

There is nothing we can’t restore or make in metal, wood, ceramics, glass or leather… Here are two replacement handmade, rolled butt hinges for an early Georgian antique for a client…

The 1910 Ironworks should be your first phone call or email for a quote or advice.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon – Cheers Steve. Master Blacksmith and CEO.       0402481461

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