The 1910 Ironworks Collaborates with Local Artisan Plank & Trestle…

At the 1910 Ironworks we’re all about collaborating and working collectively with other local artisans and the guys at Plank & Trestle are no exception…

Hand forged metal table furniture is the order of the day, complete with handmade nails – this trestle table will be a limited edition and who knows in the near future you should be able customise your choice of fittings to suit your taste and decor…


Hand forged corner brackets are just the beginning of an amazing partnership…

All the nails for fixing to the table top are hand forged and in this case polished and bees waxed…


The elegant corner straps are rubbed with graphite and sealed with bees wax, no nasty chemicals here – all sustainable. 

So if you are an artisan, and would like to collaborate with other true artisans then please reach out as we have an exciting launch of new artisan hub in Exeter at Peppers Manor house ‘The Stables’ at the end of September or you can ring me on 0402481461 and or drop me an email at

Hopefully we’ll talk very soon, cheers Steve.

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