At the 1910 Ironworks we preserve and restore the past…

Younger No 3 Fuel Stove – made by Fletcher and Son – early 20th century – Sydney

This is how the old girls arrive in the workshop…

They are then broken down for restoration and parts sourced or made…

Parts are replaced for old original parts we have in storage or are re fabricated…

The pieces are then packed up and sent out for specialist  soda blasting…

While new parts are forged and made from original patterns and rusted pieces…

Once back from soda blasting pieces are sealed with heat resistant food safe paint…


Wow, what a difference!!!

New stainless steel ovens are fitted along with fibre glass rope to seal doors…

The restored time traveller back in position and fully operational, with a rebuilt firebox, new food safe stainless steel oven with shelves, stainless steel flue, restored dampers, refurbished, original tin ash bucket, and boy do these little fuel stoves produce great bread, slow cooked food and pump out the heat.

Handmade fireside items, we also produce a wide range of items for the kitchen, house, barn or holiday house…

The 1910 Ironworks produces and designs a large range of hand made artisan fireside equipment, all made in our traditional blacksmith shop. Produced by craftsman as they would have been made over a 100 years ago.

So, if you have a fuel stove that needs some TLC and restored back to original condition, so it can be used again, then give us a call :-

0402 481 461 – Steve Hogwood.

It’s so easy, we come and remove your fuel stove for you and then take it away to be restored in our specialist workshops and then we deliver it back to you, brand new.

We can install it for you too if you want, no mess, no fuss.

Most of our work is referral so, please ask our happy clients if you don’t believe us. We’re more than happy to share their experiences with you!





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