Wildes Meadow still shoot with top young photographer Oscar Colman

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I just spent a delightful afternoon with young and very talented photographer, Oscar Colman from Sydney. I must admit I’ve never seen anyone lie on a the floor of a Blacksmith’s shop before, that is when you’re in the thick of forging to get that shot.

Thank you so much Oscar for your patience, time, all the gear you brought with you and you’re amazing eye. I wanted to capture another time and place when things were made by hand locally and lasted a lifetime and we did just that.

These shots and more will now form the basis for my new 1910 Ironworks business cards, social media campaigns, posters, brochures, you name it… and if you need or want any iron work forged or repaired etc, you now know how to reach me and where to find me…


Here are just a few shots from the session in the Meadow…




In Oscar’s own words, not mine…

“As a millennial, oddly perhaps, I yearn for the values, patinas, rich textures, detailed hand crafted world of yesteryear. I want to slow down the rush, the hustle and bustle and really seep into the moment, linger to capture beyond the obvious. Draw out the essence. Photography is the tool, driven by authenticity – in myself and my portraits.”

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