FREE 1910 Artisan Hub – calling for entries!

At 1910 we’re forming an Artisan Hub online – it costs you nothing and you get to see everything before it’s posted on the 1910 site. You can run videos too.

Why are we doing this? Because it’s all about collaboration, Australian Made, made to last and unique items. Australian artisans and artists helping other artisans and artists promote and sell their work. It’s really all about working together to benefit all of us.

For instance I’m just about to work with a well know local potter on one off pieces that include decorative iron ware at the 1910 Ironworks Shop. I would love to work with an artisan furniture maker too, as I also have clients who would be interested in other artist and artisans work and the melding of the different crafts.

So, how does it all work?

Well, you send me a piece on yourself, some shots/video, (2minutes max) your contact details and links to your social media channels, website, blog, etc, plus access to your data base (via an approved link and approved content by your self, so total privacy is assured ). I send you a screen grab of the post for your approval and then it goes live. Here you get to access to my data base too  for your product and services, and my followers and readers end up with rich content that interests them.

Interested parties contact you direct through your links and social media, as the 1910 Hub is just that, a hub and conduit for information and opportunities linked to you, not 1910. This way your potential client dialogue is private and does not involve this hub.

The cost to you for all this? Zero!

This 1910 Artisan Hub also becomes a resource for customers too – here’s a one stop shop that will be promoted where you can show case your products and service, teaching courses etc and you can change the content every month if you want.

There are no costs or catches and you can opt out whenever you like!

Shoot me an email today, what have you got to loose but sales and working with like minded Australian’s who are passionate about what they do

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