Blacksmith shop from the 1880s found on the new 1910 Ironworks site…

IMG_3706Original Blacksmith tools, horse shoes, rabbit traps and hand made metal pieces from the dig around the new blacksmith shop foundations and adjacent paddock. Now preserved in the new shop.

Wildes Meadow bridge 1

The old bridge at Wildes Meadow showing the original stables, holding pens for the horses and original blacksmith shop in the background circa 1910.

Local show parade

The old show grounds at Wildes Meadow opposite where the old shop stood around WW1. Check out the heavy horse and harness. Given his shield, he’s won a few awards and horse brasses too.

Myra Vale shot

Above is Wildes Meadow or Myra Vale’s main street as it was in 1908, the road is a lot narrower today. To the right of the shot is the show ground and cattle pens, hence the wagons and timber jinker. On the left hand side of the shot is our house next to the now demolished Myra Vale Hotel.

The blacksmith shop was further to the left out of shot.




There’s plenty of history when you visit the new blacksmith shop in Wildes Meadow. Why? Well, the new 1910 Ironworks workshop, pictured above and still under construction, is right on the site of once a thriving Blacksmith and Farriers shop in Wildes Meadow, or Myra Vale as it was once called.

The Blacksmith shop stood opposite the Myra Vale Show Grounds and closed down in the early 1960s after operating for close to a hundred years.

To this day, if you try and dig a hole in the garden or plant something in the veggie patch you’ll strike a horse shoe.

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