Blacksmithing Courses no longer available at 1910 due work commitments…

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Unfortunately due to work commitments and a new workshop extension all blacksmith courses will no longer be available at 1910!

The original Blacksmith shop closed in Wildes Meadow in the late 1950s on the very site of the new Blacksmith shop built some 5 years ago now. There has now probably been a blacksmith shop on this very site in the Southern  Highlands for close to 150 years

Unfortunately, all our Blacksmithing classes will no longer be available at 1910 – However all current bookings will of course be honoured If you have an open ended booking currently, could you please settle on a booking date please, cheers, Steve.

Thank you for all your support and interest over the last 5 years – Yes 5 for years we ran the Blacksmithing classes at 1910 and they were a lot of fun!!