The 1910 Ironworks – Showcase

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The 1910 website is changing and now covers the traditional crafts in detail – this specific area of the site is called the 1910 Ironworks and covers the ancient art of blacksmithing and decorative iron-work.

A range of hand forged products will be available through this site and will be listed soon. The 1910 Iron Works will also be offering a restoration service too.

To find out more about the 1910 Ironworks you can contact Steve on

Here are a selection of projects completed or still underway for our many clients –

Before and after shots of a total restoration and rebuild of a 110 year old fuel stove in the Rocks Sydney.

Handles, brackets, door furniture, you name it! We can make most things!

Film props made – bush trivet for a camp oven for a TV series.

When it’s a 100 years old and rusted away, you have to make a new one to match.

Restored and sharpened vintage garden tools for a still shoot.

A restoration underway of  1904 Massey Harris Corn Grister.

Metal furniture for boxes, tables, cupboards you name it!!


Currently restoring and fitting a new Art Deco base to 60 year old French Movie light for a client.

Hooks, hangers, chains and hooks, no worries!

“We love this style of chair from the 1940s, can you make x6 more from this original pattern?”

“I know these are all bent and some of the tines are missing, but they belonged to my Grandfather, so can you fix them??” Sure, no problem :-))