To reproduce period iron work and restore the past – you have to understand it and know how to use the original tools they used!

From replicating French balconies to bespoke pieces, there is nothing we cannot make or restore. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and our attention to detail, as we’re not into mass production but are only interested in producing quality, unique pieces for our clients. Whether it’s a restoration project for a heritage building, a new Art Deco style gate, a 1950s table or contemporary door we make it by hand, using original, refurbished blacksmith and whitesmith tools. In fact our trip hammer was made in 1904 and on of our hand drills is 140 years old and still going strong.

So, if your looking for the unique, something totally different, you’ve never seen before or you need a craftsman to restore that 300 year old iron and timber work, then give us a ring and make an appointment to visit our period Blacksmith Shop in Wildes Meadow and shortly to be in Canberra too with the first traditional blacksmith shop to be build in the ACT for over 100 years – Ring Steve – that’s me on 0402481461

A bespoke piece of ironwork to hold books for a new client.

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