We now offer full tin smithing facilities for all our clients…

What is tin smithing you’re probably asking? It is the age old craft of white smithing or making things, such as buckets, funnels, guttering, shovel heads and a whole host of other household items, which are now made in plastic.

Last year our tin smithing supplier closed up shop because of COVID so I purchased all the hand operated tin smithing gear required to keep this trade alive and to offer a service to our clients. Particularly when it comes to restoring stoves, re producing new ash trays, top plates and all the sheet metalwork required in an antique stove restoration.

However, at 1910 we now also make bespoke tinware for a range of clients and restoration requirements…

This is the style of tin restoration we do – these are original stove pieces that need to be
replaced to match the originals.
Pressed tin, shovel making, pressed dies and hand shaping…
The end result…
A before and after…
Another before and after of a rolled tin ash tray for a vintage Younger Wood Stove.
A new stainless Steel oven to match the original…above and below…

We can replicate about any tin ware you’re after at the 1910 Ironworks 0402481462 – Call me, Steve Hogwood for more details…

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