We’ve made Blacksmithing safe for 10 year olds…


My budding blacksmith is only ten and here I’m showing him how to strike very hot steel on an anvil for the first time. One on one tuition – I had three young boys with dad at the forge all day and not one  injury or burn!

I specialise in teaching this wonderful trade the correct and fun way IN WILDES MEADOW – that’s the way I was taught many years ago IN THE BUSH. I don’t just teach blacksmiths either, but people from all walks of life, such as children and whole families. When you step into the forge at Wildes Meadow, you enter another time and world and it becomes an amazing day, as you can see from these shots.

I also pride myself on safety and one on one tuition, at prices everybody can afford! I also believe it’s paramount to teach the basics first – such as how to stand at an anvil,  setting your anvil to the right height, holding the right weight and style of forging hammer correctly and then how to move the metal more efficiently on the anvil.

If you don’t teach safety and these basic fundamentals to students right up front, they could injure themselves and end up with wrist, elbow, back and neck issues over the years, from just having an anvil set too high or low.

“You can read the theory of Blacksmithing in books and watch it on You Tube but standing in a traditional blacksmith shop, hammer and hot steel in hand poised over a 100 year old anvil is just something else…”

I also teach you the short cuts and tricks of the trade when forging, such as hammer control, getting the heat in the right place on the steel and getting the metal to do your bidding!

The artisan crafts are here for all to enjoy, not just a privileged few. In fact the artisan, hand made movement is the future, the pendulum has indeed swung back the other way, from rampant consumerism and land fill, to one-off hand made items that will become the collectables of tomorrow.

To sign up or find available dates for a blacksmithing course is very easy – you just ring, text or email me on ‘Steve Hogwood’ Master Smith on  0402 481 461 or stephen.hogwood@optusnet.com.au

Hopefully we’ll see you out at the Meadow very, very soon!

One thought on “We’ve made Blacksmithing safe for 10 year olds…

  1. Hello

    I.am interested in your blacksmithing course for son who has an interest in learning. He’s just turned 14.

    We’ll soon be moving to Bowral.

    Wondering what courses you offer that would suit him, when and costs please.


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