NEW 1910 Master Class – Tool Making using a Spring Hammer 17/18 August 2019 Only!

Bowral – Sydney – Wildes Meadow – Blacksmith – Artisan

What an amazing year it’s been – who said blacksmithing was a dead artisan art, far from it! Even though the NSW Department of Education as of 2019 no longer recognise it as a profession. The interest in the old crafts, self sufficiency and sustainability have never been stronger. We’ve had students from Sydney, Canberra and from over seas. They come from all walks of life and range in age from 10 to 80 years old. I’ve had three lady smiths now too, which is great in such a male dominated space.

The 1910 Blacksmith beginners classes are almost booked out until June 2019 and have been very popular, so I’m extending the workshop and adding a spring hammer to the line up. This way more students can try their hand at Blacksmithing and fundamental forging and hammer work, particularly when making their first set of tools for their own shop. That’s why we’re also extending our Blacksmithing Courses to include making your first tools and learning how to strike and work in teams and also handle yourself on a spring hammer.

So, come August 2019 we’ll be offering OUR FIRST ‘Tool Making Master Class’ We can help with accommodation too in the Highlands. That is comfortable venues not far from the Blacksmith Shop in Wildes Meadow.

There will only be 8 places available too  – so plenty of one one tuition from an Artisan Blacksmith with over 40 year experience. Over the weekend you will make your first tongs, drifts, fullers and forging hammer.

We’ve kept the course prices reasonable too – $480 inclusive, for two full days of full on Blacksmithing. Everything is supplied. All you have to do is bring your stamina and enthusiasm!!

Not for the faint hearted, it will be full on from 10,30am to 4,30am Saturday and Sunday, with refreshments and a light lunch included on the veranda of the Blacksmith Shop.


DON’T MISS OUT! Ring or text  Steve on 0402 481 461 or drop him an email on


An 80 year old Swedish Spring Hammer in transit from Victoria and heading for Wildes Meadow.


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