Bowral Blacksmithing and the PCYC – Police community youth clubs.

Here the students including the Police Constable in charge made some very nice trace chain hooks – you can do anything if you put your mind to it :-))

We all talk about helping or in most cases complain about the youth of today – that’s right ‘Talk’ and ‘Complaining’ is cheap!!  So the 1910 Ironworks decided to put a day a week aside for FREE to help the kids learn new skills in the Blacksmith shop at Wildes Meadow.

Here they learn new skills, working together, team building, responsibility, patience, concentration and collaboration. All it takes is a little bit of love, help and attention and we help create the movers and shakers of tomorrow, not another bunch of delinquents with no purpose. We the help of the PCYC The 1910 Ironworks and 6 months of red tape we finally got the Schools, Police and the State Authorities blessing to move this youth program forward.

It’s early day but the word is spreading – sometimes you have to give something back in this life for no return, in my case it’s something I’ve always wanted to do for a long time – because someone did it for me many years ago, when I was destined for remand school and a long holiday at our Majesties discretion. It doesn’t take much to help  the lost youth of today find a fruitful and successful tomorrow!

The PCYC is always looking for donations and able bodies to help or if you’re a small business, why not offer a program like this. It would be great if other artisans could offer their services for free twice a month to help the kids get off the street and on the road to a successful future.

Cheers, Steve.  stephen.hogwwod@opotusnet.com.au or 0402 481 461

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