A MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very BIG THANK YOU for an amazing year!!


Anne – Marie, my first Lady Smith and she was great, talk about sort the men out from the boys!

Thank you all for such an amazing year – Great clients from all walks of life from around the Southern Highlands and the country and my students! Well, what a passionate bunch of budding blacksmiths and of course my first female smith too, to finish 2018.

All Blacksmith courses for January 2019 are now booked out already – Incredible! Mostly purchased as Gift Certificates – these Certificates are available all year round by the way and each one personalised.

I really look forward to seeing you in 2019 at the 1910 Ironworks in Wildes Meadow, just outside Robertson and not far from beautiful Bowral :-))

Cheers, Steve.


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