Blacksmith Bowral Area

1. DECORATIVE HOOKS – Butchers or decorative, hand forged hooks for the kitchen, garden or man cave – From $25 each plus shipping…

2. ‘MAN HANDLES’ –  Here’s something for the man who has everything. Perfect for the shed, back of the ute or Man Cave – From $20 each, handmade nails are extra and the wooden boxes are not included :-))

3. VINTAGE GARDEN – TOMATO STAKES – Personalised, hand forged tomato stakes for the garden – 6 feet high and forged in 15mm and 20mm solid Stainless Steel or mild steel – no nasty hollow box steel here! These are very popular, buy your tomato stakes once, why keep buying timber ones that rot and you have to tie the tomatoes too? The 1910 Tomato stakes have a corkscrew in the middle for the plants to grow through for easy fruit picking. From $130 each – so all you gardeners, what are you waiting for???

4. THE BUSHRANGER COOKING TRIPOD – OK, what about a Bush Camping or backyard cooking tripod? These are based on a design from the 1860’s. Why, Ben Hall or Mr Kelly would have used one of these to cook their tucker on, or boil the billy while on the run from the Troopers! Forged out of 15mm Stainless Steel or mild steel bar, they’re made to last, robust and fold up as one piece to go in the boot, or strapped to the side of a horse – eeeeasy! Just for Christmas – from $150 plus shipping 🙂

5. THE GRAVITY GLAMPING HOOK – Here’s something different, a simple adjustable cooking hook and stand for those idilic days in the bush – it just slots together – just x2 pieces, even the kids could put it together and you don’t need an Allan key or screw driver either. There again, hand forged out of 15mm Stainless Steel or mild steel bar, they’re made to last, robust and come apart easily to flat pack in the boot, or once again, strapped to the side of your horse – sooo eeeeasy! Just for Christmas – from $130 plus shipping 🙂

6. GIFT VOUCHER for a Blacksmith Course. Blacksmith courses are run at The Stables, Peppers, Sutton Forest, or at The 1910 Ironworks in Wildes Meadow – beginners courses start at $240 all found – courses run from 9.30am until 3.30pm, with a light lunch included. I also offer one on one tuition for beginners POA –

What a unique Chrissy present, surely that beats, more socks, undies or a present you can’t even on gift :-/

So what do I do now to organise a gift? EASY!!! To make it happen, just pick up the phone right now and ring me on 0402 481 461 or email me at stephen.hogwood@optusnet.com.au

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