Artisan Hub Opens in Historic Stables at Peppers Manor House…

‘Think WILD’ Collaboration Opens in Historic 1880’s Stables at Peppers Manor House – Sutton Forest.

The big move into The Stables at Peppers Manor House.

Steve Hogwood hard at work. 101 uses for a Robertson Potato sack – Thanks Jack!

In collaboration with the award-winning hotel, Peppers Manor House, local artisan Stephen Hogwood from 1910 Iron Works and Nature Tourism expert Amanda Fry of Wild Food Adventures and WildfestÒ, are set to open a new unique venue and insight into the traditional crafts of Australia.

The Artisan Hub is a fresh collaboration between the three companies and will be housed in The Stables, an 1880s-heritage building situated on the Sutton Forest hotel property.

Aptly named Think WILD at The Stables, this is a new and exciting space where local crafts people can showcase their work and skills, while having access to a captive retail and corporate market as well as an active wedding venue. Not just another tourist shop Think WILD is a working space that will come alive each Saturday with Steve at the blacksmiths forge, the gallery space open and the stunning grounds of the location beckoning.

Just part of the ‘Think Wild’ artisan shop at ‘The Stables’, with plenty of unique antique collectables there too… 

The new, old blacksmith shop in the heritage 1880’s Stables’. The sound of a ringing anvil will be heard once again at Peppers Manor House.

As the space evolves more artisans will be invited to join the collective and add their flavour to a destination firmly focused highlighting where the natural world meets the sustainable artisan. Its where old meets new, vintage sits alongside contemporary and time-honored techniques mold modern masterpieces. The retail outlet or gallery will offer a range of local handmade ironwork, photography, sustainable and practical gifts and a selection of immersive wild food experiences from Amanda’s day tour business.

Each Saturday you will be able to experience live demonstrations of the artisan’s crafts, with Blacksmith forging currently planned October and November from 10am until 3.30pm. We hope to announce other local artisans, such as potters, wood carvers and leather workers, joining the space soon.

We have also developed an innovative team building and corporate midweek calendar for the hotels conference guests.

Think WILD is indeed unique to the Southern Highlands and a collaboration not seen before, where a hotel, artisan and a business that has access to some of the most beautiful and uniquely wild places of Australia, are all working together to offer very special hands-on and compelling product.

Your ‘Think Wild’ and Artisan contact is Amanda Fry of Wild Food Adventures and WildfestÒ

For Blacksmithing and Artisan enquiries please contact Steve Hogwood on 0402 481 461 or email Steve on

Media Contacts  –  Adele Feletto – 0413 489 292

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