Unique Artisan and Heritage precinct – ‘The Stables’ opens in July at Peppers Manor House

Here is a place that will be truly unique in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

At ‘The Stables’ not only will you be able to browse, purchase or commission locally made artisan pieces every weekend, you can also see them being made by different local artisans, every time you visit.

Experience the quality of locally made, such as handmade metal work, beautifully crafted woodwork, exquisite pottery, and much more. We also support and encourage emerging artists and artisans and you’ll see them here first.

There will also a be a large selection of unique repurposed, industrial lighting, furniture, smalls and some very interesting steampunk items.

‘The Stables’ built in the 1880s will be a stand alone destination open on the weekends and during the week by appointment only. A beautiful heritage venue and precinct adjacent to Peppers Manor House, an award winning hotel and destination in the Southern Highlands that will also be offering corporate clients team building and artisan hands on activities.

So watch this space for you personal invitation to the opening in July by a well a known celebrity who’s a passionate supporter of the local arts and artisans.


Cheers, Steve Hogwood – Artisan.


PS – Oh, almost forgot, once ‘The Stables at Peppers Manor House’ once established we will be offering a day every month to local residents to bring in artisan items that maybe you need advice on or they might need repairing,  pieces replaced or you possibly have an ancient garden fork that just needs straightening.

This artisan service we will be offered only to locals of the Southern Highlands. A a fun day that will be FREE of charge!

Hey, it’s our way of giving something back to the local community.

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