The NEW long awaited 1910 Asian Pickle Range is Launched in November at The Loch…

This new 1910 Asian Pickle Range will be launched at the Loch locally in the Southern Highlands at their November gastronomic event – where I’ll be their guest chef and speaker over a sensational lunch and a selection of delicious 1910 produce.
The 1910 product has been hand made locally for over 8 years now, out of local produce if and when available – hence our range is seasonal.
The 1910 brand has now evolved into a respected and a well known local food brand of the Southern Highlands of NSW.
You also won’t find the 1910 product everywhere either, but why?
Because the fit has to be right and we are truly a local brand that works with producers, growers and local food related businesses in the Southern Highlands, The South Coast and Southern Tablelands – You’ll never find us in the major retailers either, as we prefer to help build our customers businesses as true locals.
We’re all about the corner store, not the mega-mart!
The 1910 product is also now produced in 500ml reusable Bell Mason Preserving jars – so they can be reused for preserving – hence our packaging is very responsible and sustainable – so no land fill here!
The current 1910 range comprises of :-
*NEW – Traditional Caramelised Onions 500g – Great for BBQs, an all round garnish and ideal for glazing meat/fish and poultry.
Preserved Lemons – produced the the old way, fermented before jarring in large earthenware crocks – Moroccan style – Terrific for white meats, poultry, fish and a great zest in salads and on a tasting plate with cheese and cold meat.
Pears in Vanilla and honey – A favourite and an instant desert for all seasons. Produced in such a way as to be perfect for flans, cakes, flambé, mulled or poached deserts.
Organic Rhubarb, steeped in honey (soon to be changed to Agave re more Vegan friendly) and caramelised, perfect for crumbles, pies and cakes – or eaten with porridge, muesli, cream or yogurt.
Dam Good Dill pickles – American style pickles with a touch of sweetness, ideal for Ruben sandwiches, Ploughmen’s lunches, a good hearty steak, some sharp cheese, or just by them selves!
Crunchy Beer Onions – Fermented in French Oak Barrels in old locally made beer, natural vinegar, selected herbs and spices – a must for any BBQ, man-cave or again a Ploughman’s lunch.
*NEW – Soon to be released – An Asian Pickle range from1910. Tested at last Years Southern highlands Food and Wine Festival, they were well received and a knockout with punters.
Such as a pickled Daikon in persimmon juice, flavoured with seaweed and a hint of fresh Wasabi and the other example  is a Japanese  Sauerkraut, fermented in aged Ponzu. There will be x6 SKUs in the new 1910 – Asian Pickle Range.
This new range will be launched at the Loch locally in November at their November gastronomic event – where I’ll be their guest chef and speaker over a very nice lunch.
Wholesale  enquiries are welcome – Minimum order 12 jars
of each SKU. Phone Steve on 0402 481 461 or email me on
I really look forward to having the 1910 product at your
establishment very soon.
The whole 1910 range is also available in refillable 950ml jars on request for kitchen or catering use POA.
1910 also offers to their retail customers – Tastings and presentations by yours truly of 1910 at POP (point of purchase) all offered at no cost to you and your customer.

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