The 1910 Bottling Company turns 8 years old


The famous 1910 food brand has been produced in the fresh air of the Southern Highlands for nearly 8 years.

Although the brand is small and handmade it is always in great demand, because of the quality of the organic ingredients and the way the product is produced using the best local produce.

The flagship product are the ‘Beer Onions’, fermented in French Oak barrels using a local beer as a fermenting starter – Pig Fly. The water used too is rainwater and filtered so it’s 99% pure.

the other three well know 1910 products are the organic Caramelised Rhubarb, the Dam Good Dill Pickles and organic Beetroot in Raspberry vinegar.

To compliment this range there is 1910 Caramelised Onions and NEW to the range an organic, naturally fermented Sauerkraut.

Available through onion tasting today…

Also soon to be available in Sydney and other very selected venues in the Southern Highlands.

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