The 1910 site is changing…

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Due to popular demand and the times, the 1910 site is now becoming the go to artisan site. Here we will still be sharing knowledge on food preservation, the fermenting of food, the harvesting of organic heirloom produce, gardening with traditional tools but we’ll also encompassing the other crafts now making a return to popular culture around the world. Such as blacksmithing, wood working, pottery, basket weaving, building with stone, and host of other useful links to articles, suppliers and the artisans working in these different spaces around the country and indeed the globe…

1910 will also eventually become an online conduit of artisan product, while also posting online courses, ebooks, events and eventually hands on artisan courses.

For instance why not check out the new 1910 ironworks link on this site. More to come…cheers Steve.

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