Functional Foods. Nutritional & Medicinal Application for Fermented Food

This is facility and teaching space I’m am also setting up in the Southern Highlands also and taking to Sydney my preserving classes at


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Celestial Roots

This is something that may interest you all, an all day fermentation and functional food event. All meals, organic ingredients, cultures and ebook included in the price.


 Your Teacher – Tom Rothsey

Join Tom and Friends at Synchronicity Farm and join a passionate group of dedicated and very experienced fermenters to acquire deep knowledge about ways to receive the full benefit of nutritional value from the food you eat.

Go to one session, or both. Experience the peace and tranquillity of Synchronicity Farm, meet and connect with like minded local folk, discover how easy it is to incorporate the concept of food as medicine into our daily lives, enjoy the relaxed and informal atmosphere of the course, make new friends, eat good and lovingly-prepared food, and taste a wide range of fermented foods and drinks.

Gain the confidence to create and safely use food as medicine.

This All Day Event At Beautiful Synchronicity Farm Includes: Authentic Sushi For Morning Tea; Wood-Fired Pizza For Lunch; Scones, Homemade Jam And Whipped Cream For Afternoon Tea; All The Ingredients For The Ferments We Make; Kombucha, Milk And Water Kefir Cultures To Take Home And Love; Plus An Extensive Ebook Full Of Vital Information And Recipes.

Session 1 Focus;

  • Sauerkraut
  • Kim Chi
  • Gobo Style Radish
  • Indian Lime Pickle

In session one, you will pick ingredients from the Farm, and we will learn to ferment them with other local-sourced ingredients. You will also be taking a fermenting tour of the world, making sauerkraut, traditional Korean kimchi, Japanese gobo-style radish, and Indian lime pickle. As you work, you’ll share with each other what you have learned from our own personal health journeys. My sharing will include wisdom distilled from scientific and medical research, traditional practices, and personal experience, all of which is contained in the included ebook for easy home reference. Mostly, however, we will be working with the ingredients, using the alchemy of fermentation to transform and augment them, and we will all take home what we have made.

Session 2 Focus;

  • Water Kefir
  • Milk Kefir
  • Kombucha
  • Ginger Beer
  • Beet Kvass

In session two, you will be entering the realm of fermented tonic beverages. Here you will discover the unique properties of each ferment, learn how they can help us, and dispel some myths and misconceptions along the way. Hands on, you will make: beet kvass, and a ‘ginger bug’ starter for the ginger beer you will make at home when the ‘bug’ is ready; go through the care and maintenance of each culture you receive; learn how to second ferment healthy, probiotic soft drink replacements that are naturally carbonated; discover how to incorporate medicinal herbs and spices into our tonic ferments; focus on making fermented tonic drinks palatable to children; and, on top of that, you’ll have a lot of fun.

You will be able to work hand in hand with Tom Rothsey from Celestial Roots who’s passion and immersion in fermented foods began as a personal journey for him and his family six years ago when his wife Christy developed MS symptoms that left her in fear of paralysis.

With Tom’s help, Christy decided not to pursue the conventional treatment for MS, but to adopt a dietary, lifestyle approach.

Having a background in science (ecology/ biodiversity- BSc University of New England), herbalism, and energy work (International Institute of Reflexology UK) he began exploring ways that food could assist her. An increasing amount of research indicated the importance of probiotics and their role in promoting a crucial foundation for health. As he began investigating and experimenting he discovered not only an incredible resource for promoting health, but also a passion for the creation of delicious functional food which he is now bringing to you in these workshops.

What You Will Learn And Experience…

  1. How to make high quality fermented foods and delicious tonic beverages
  2. Understand the nutritional value of common fermented foods
  3. Discover medicinal applications for food that inspire new solutions to health and wellbeing
  4. Learn to correctly combine ingredients and understand temperature, judge tastes and ‘readiness’
  5. Understand the application of time on the recipes to be clear about the stages of fermentation

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