Tomorrow we road test a 1898 Enterpise, grister/coffee grinder! Why? Because Low Tech is cool again.

Given we live in an era of ever increasing expensive Hi tech answers to everything, there is an ever increasing Low tech alternative to any solution. Mr Low Tech here from 1910, will be presenting a road test on an Enterprise 750 1898 Grister, a household name in the closing days of the 19th century. We’ll talk about this machine, the company that produced it, what this device produced, the catalogue produced in the day by this company, and why there was such a wide selection of machines and hand devices to choose from that are now so relevant today. Hey, elbow grease is fashionable again and electricity is getting more expensive everyday!

Check out my YouTube link Tuesday, that’s tomorrow for this fascinating video, cheers, Steve.

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 1.23.21 pm

aw23a coffeegrinder-TEH

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