Vitamin D-ficiency

Wow! I had no idea vitamin D was so important – luckily I get to play outside most days!

natural anti aging and wellness


Photo thanks to Harvard University

Many of my clients have had blood tests and found that they are Vitamin D deficient, not suprising since we live in the Southern Highlands of NSW where bad weather is more likely than good. My Sydney based family then decided to have blood tests to see what their Vitamin D levels were like, and found out due to our Eurasian descent, we do not absorb vitamin D well at all. I am pearly white, but my heritage, the same one that stops me from burning in the sun, also stops me from absorbing as much Vitamin D as my other half who is from the UK.

The most natural way to receive enough vitamin D is to spend 20 to 40 minutes a day in the sun. Face and arms unprotected by clothing. Sorry, but I am so not sticking my face in the…

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