Joiking – Songs of the Sami

I thought I was informed, evidently not!!

Pedersen's Last Dream

Reindeer in Hammerfest Protected reindeer grazing in a Hammerfest garden

IT MUST be weird for most people to hear ancient, nomadic tribes still migrate across vast areas of the richest and most developed region of Europe in the 21st century. It was for me. But it’s a  fact.

I only became acquainted properly with the culture of the Sami people of Scandinavia, and Northwest Russia, through working on my novel Pedersen’s Last Dream. Before that, I had known them as Lapps from Lapland, an ill-defined nation tangled up with images of the North Pole and Santa Claus. And I’m half Norwegian. Little wonder they have come to find the term Lapp degrading and perjorative.

My preconceptions began to change while doing background research for the main protagonist of my manuscript in Tromsø Museum. It was there I began to understand a little more of the fascinating history of the Sami people…

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