Groundwater in the Pilliga has now been poisoned with uranium, arsenic and other heavy metals as a result of CSG activities by Santos!

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There was shocking news in the Sydney Morning Herald for the farmers of north-west NSW on Saturday – groundwater in the Pilliga had been poisoned with uranium, arsenic and other heavy metals as a result of CSG activities by Santos[1].After hearing the news on Saturday, farmers Mark and Cherie Robinson jumped into action, and today they will be at NSW Parliament in Sydney, demanding a halt to CSG drilling in NSW in the wake of the shocking confirmation of water impacts.

Mark and Cherie have a farm west of the Pilliga and they are completely dependent on groundwater.  They can’t survive without it. They’ve already shown incredible courage – both have been arrested stopping Santos drill rigs in the Pilliga over the last month – an extraordinary action for two hard-working, law-abiding farmers.

Will you stand with Mark and Cherie, and add your voice to their call to defend our water from dangerous CSG mining?  Please get on the phone to Premier Barry O’Farrell and Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner – they need to hear from you directly that the people of NSW will not accept this risky, polluting industry threatening our state.

Santos have been hiding behind a wall of spin and deceit – they have been running advertisements saying they pose no threat to water resources, as recently as last week, while knowing full well for at least a year that they have poisoned the Pilliga aquifer.

Please take action now – if you can’t get on the phone, then please email the NSW Government decision-makers and tell them to shut-down Santos in the Pilliga and elsewhere in NSW.  We’ve made a simple one click tool, it will only take you one minute.

Farmers of north-west NSW have this morning told Santos to pack up their equipment and leave the region – and to never come back.

Their resolve has never been stronger.  Can you pitch in and provide them some support, by donating to our Narrabri Fighting Fund?  The funds will help protect the vital water resources of north-west NSW from any further CSG activity.

There is an incredible momentum building to shut down CSG in NSW in the wake of the shocking Pilliga water scandal.

Let’s make it happen, because there’s nothing more important than sweet clean water,

Drew, Phil and all the Lock the Gate team


Lock the Gate Alliance

Lock the Gate Alliance · PO Box 864, Chatswood, NSW 2057, AustraliaYou can also keep up with Lock the Gate Alliance on Twitter or Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Groundwater in the Pilliga has now been poisoned with uranium, arsenic and other heavy metals as a result of CSG activities by Santos!

      • Here´s an article on the Sami people I wrote some time ago. But what may be of particular interest to you is the the video link to the destruction of the ancient forests and lichen in the north of Scandinavia and Russia that have been there forever.

        The traditional lives of the Sami people and their relationship with herds of reindeer, have played a part in natural environment of this area for millenia. My maternal grandfather was born in the far north of Norway, and it is probable we have Sami ancestors.

        I hope it makes you realise people are fighting in regions you probably never knew existed,

      • Amazing and very sad Bryan – thank you, I had just no idea – once I get my thoughts together around this I will blog this, many thanks, cheers, Steve.

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