Our Prime Minister thinks logging companies are the “ultimate conservationists”. What do you think?

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Here’s a man who thinks national parks are a commodity to be farmed and used. So tell me Tony, how do you you replace 2,000 year old trees and closed eco-systems that are hundreds and thousands of years old?? Surely tourism is a far longer and sustainable business proposition for the economy? Given the rest of the world appears set on bulldozing our forests for short term gains. Also you may not understand that tress absorb Carbon Dioxide and give us the Oxygen we in fact breath? The lungs of the world. Unfortunately trees can’t also absorb all the hot air from buffoons such as you – maybe this hot air released by countless twits in governments around the world is one of the major contributors to global warming?

The other night, Tony Abbott told the timber industry that too much native forest was “locked up” in national parks — and that logging companies were the “ultimate conservationists”.

Abbott’s new forests policy? No more national parks, the destruction of Tasmania’s World Heritage listed forests — and an announcement that our pristine wilderness is now “open for business”. This is corporate power gone crazy: a Prime Minister bowing to the extreme policy of an industry lobby, instead of listening to the public. We have to show him that we won’t just stand back and accept this.

Tell Tony Abbott now: keep your hands off our national parks! Commit to protect our forests now.

These were just some of Tony Abbott’s words last night: “We have quite enough national parks. We have quite enough locked up forests already. In fact, in an important respect, we have too much locked up forest.”

Abbott said that “the environment is meant for man”, and slammed the “green ideology” that had lead to the protection of Australia’s forests. Abbot is now forming a new body to “advise” on forest policy — headed by the national director of a forestry industry lobby. This is what happens when you put corporations in the driving seat of your forests policy.


Thanks to donations by thousands of SumOfUs members, we’re already working with the Wilderness Society and others to take out public ads calling on Environment Greg Hunt and Tony Abbott to commit to save Tasmania’s forests. But we need to speak out together every time Abbott and his cronies make a statement like this — to show them that the public just wont’ accept this outrageous behaviour. It’s up to us to make sure the political costs to this sort of industry-sanctioned destruction are too high.

Sign the urgent petition now to tell Tony Abbott not to destroy our national parks. 


“Paul Ferris, SumOfUs.org” <us@sumofus.org>watercourse

12 thoughts on “Our Prime Minister thinks logging companies are the “ultimate conservationists”. What do you think?

  1. I was never one of the foolhardy who voted this idiot into power. All those who did ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    • Unfortunately that’s is the case at the moment – but future generations depend on us to stop this stupidity! Otherwise, as Jonnie Mitchell once sang in ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ “…there’ll be trees in a tree museum and we’ll pay just to go and see’um..”

  2. It’s terrible to see two of Britain’s oldest friends, Australia and Canada, leading the attack on the environment in this way. Canadian mining companies are destroying virgin forest, and the natural habitat of many species of animal, all over the globe. Australia is doing the same.

    It seems particularly awful to see a country literally eating itself to death.

    I wish you all success with your battle. Unfortunately the same battle against big business is going on everywhere, and the people are losing. It’s difficult to know how to get enough people to understand the damage being done is irreparable.

    There is no democracy once big business and politics become one.

    As in most Western countries, Britain has two major parties with a third, the LibDems, just going ever which way the wind blows. But it’s impossible to see where their policies differ anymore in any really significant way, rendering true democracy dead.

    • Bryan, we all have to keep trying to fly the flag and do something to stop this greed and corporate madness – I’ve been fighting for national parks, clean air, clean water and food most of my life, along with millions of others. If we all give up now, future generations will suffer and ask why we sat on our hands as Rome burnt to the ground!?

      • I think your comment jumps a bit too far the other way. The mere fact I took the time read your article and comment on it must show you that I don’t believe nothing can be done; the question posed is whether it is any longer possible to do it through the ballot box? Your own article demonstrates quite clearly this not to be the case in Australia, at the moment. In fact, I thought that was the whole point.

        Australian politics in particular has been going further to the right than ever with Queensland almost becoming fascist.

        I have never sat on my hands, and was demonstrating against nuclear arms as long ago as the 1970s, so I rather resent the conclusions you draw from my comment.

        I suggest you think a little before taking sideswpies at the very people who are actually supporting you. Sitting on my hands indeed!

      • Hi Bryan, I’m very grateful for your support and the question posed, i.e. is it any longer possible to do things such as this through the ballot box? My reply was certainly not intended to thumb my nose at the support from enlightened individuals such as yourself, but merely to point out, to what I refer to as the ‘Arm Chair Conservationists’ that sitting on their hands was now not an option. I was certainly not implying you were the sort of person who sat on their hands. So apologies Bryan, re my poorly phrased retort to your very informed and refreshing reply to my article. I am now currently standing on my tongue – Cheers, Steve.

  3. Everytime I read more of this, as it is repeated continuously over the internet as he gains more and more enemies by the moment . . . I just cry, more and more . ..
    March in March, 2014. Something needs to be done!

  4. I’m not sure how anyone can have too much locked up forest, unless they have no idea what the true value of the forest is (beyond pulp and cheap wood for china). Second article this week I’ve seen on Tasmania and destruction of resource. Sad.

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