And the FREE 1910 Lifestyle preserving class winner is…

Vicki Rogers wins a preserving course for two – that is Vicki and a friend! For the best submission on for  new  veggie Garden. Well done Vicki and thanks you!

You now have to decide who you’re going to bring! The course will be held next month in Fitzroy Falls in the magnificent Southern Highlands, at a stunning property not far from you – in fact Alex Townsend’s Property – Wombat Hill. She has a fantastic country kitchen and it will be filmed to. The course will be with other students through ‘Food Path’ and the date will be announced shortly for late March or early April 2014 – it will be a fantastic day and not far away!!

Once again well done and jill Dyson will be in touch! Cheers, Steve.

I’d also like to thank all the other entries, stories and submissions, they were fantastic, but i felt this one was the best and it is my opinion – these guys went to an awful lot of trouble, building raised beds  etc and they did it all by themselves – not a bad crop of produce either from people who were complete veggie garden novices!

Here’s the winning submission!

My name is Vicki and my partner is Wayne. We moved from Sydney 12 months ago and to our own place in Robertson in the Southern Highlands about six months ago. We were very keen to grow own vegetables and with great enthusiasm set about building puppy proof vege patches. We have 3 gardens in total all 1 sleeper long and half a sleeper wide they are all 600 high. We have used a veggie soil mix and no other sprays we have netted all gardens and have enjoyed some of our spinach (silver beet), Yellow Zucchini’s, parsley, sage, tarragon, basil, celery, beans and mixed lettuce. Some of it is going to seed and I am letting that happen.We are currently waiting on our corn and heaps of tomatoes, I know there will be stacks of tomatoes so I will need to preserve them or make a jam. I have included some photos not only the garden and it’s progress but also our first harvest which included beetroot but also the spinach and leek pie I made after picking the spinach.

I hope this gives me a chance at winning! Vicki.

New Garden

First Harvest Growing garden

Spinach and Leek Pie

2 thoughts on “And the FREE 1910 Lifestyle preserving class winner is…

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