ACT NOW – Don’t let the the The World Heritage Great Barrier Reef become a dumping ground for 3 million cubic metres of dirty dredge spoil!

What’s wrong with these idiots?

Please help us protect the Great Barrier Reef!

In two weeks, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority will make the final call on whether to allow millions of tonnes of toxic dredge spoil to be dumped in Reef waters.Environment Minister Greg Hunt has already given his approval, and now the Reef Authority is the last group who can stand up to the mining industry and protect our Reef from this dangerous project.This Friday, GetUp members will be hand-delivering a giant petition to the Reef Authority in Townsville, urging them to reject the proposal for good.

The project will make way for the world’s largest coal port at Abbot Point, turning the Great Barrier Reef into a shipping superhighway.

Add your name and make sure your voice is heard on Friday.

6 thoughts on “ACT NOW – Don’t let the the The World Heritage Great Barrier Reef become a dumping ground for 3 million cubic metres of dirty dredge spoil!

  1. why would the government threaten its most beautiful natural wonder? It WOULD be like us turning the Grand Canyon into a dump.

    • Many thanks for your shared concern Mary – I know it’s appalling to think this Federal Government would even contemplate something so stupid and short sighted re this magnificent and unique ‘World Heritage’ site, they’re also trying to remove the ‘World Heritage’ listing off the Tasmanian Wilderness areas too – so they can wood chip them!!? As well as significantly reducing all the marine parks around the coast of Australia because of the pressure from commercial fishing enterprises – yet another short sighted and absurd policy change to even contemplate – cheers, Steve

    • I totally agree, and its not just the Great barrier Reef they want to screw up either? Don’t idiots like this ever stop to think about future generations and the small pieces of the natural world we now have left? I was informed only the other day by an avid conservationist, they’re not actually making anymore natural wonders like this – once they’re gone, they’re gone forever! These people are vandals of the highest order!! I love your link too by the way – thanks for sharing this huge concern we all now have with this new Government’s ‘Vandal Policy’. Cheers, Steve.

      • I think our first mistake was assuming that these people put any thought beyond “I want to be re-elected, and if I’m not it’ll say it was the other party’s fault” into their decisions. It’s a shame they didn’t stop to listen to the objections of the greater population–there were enough petitions floating around! Thanks for checking out my link too.

      • Yes, you live in hope they’ll do the right thing, but unfortunately time and time again it’s all about the bank balance and the enormous power they can wield in positions of influence, or is it affluence or possibly effluent?….

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