Asthma Juice – Health tip!


As a child and teenager I suffered with Asthma and Asthma attacks and I found this natural health drink made a real difference to me. You may find it has the same benefits  – hey it doesn’t hurt to give it go.

Ingredients, please use organic – Make a batch up and keep in the fridge and drink during the day –

10 carrots – 6-7 large spinach or silver beat leaves – 2 cloves of garlic – one lemon and one medium sized apple.

As I’ve mentioned, this amazing juice was and still is a great reliever of my Asthma attacks and respiratory problems going back to my childhood and could work for you – why not give it go, it may surprise you!

Also check out this link – it’s brilliant!

Please note – This is not medical advice nor should it substitute for consultation with a qualified medical practitioner – this recipe and article is merely my opinion and something that really helped me.

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