Kero lamps make a comeback!!! But do they cause respiratory diseases?


Below are some resources to visit  – In the next 1910 Lifestyle magazine there will be plenty more, plus an a long chat with Mr Kerosene Lamp himself,  in Australia!!!  www.

Before the dawn of modern lighting, the average person used oil and kerosene lamps to light their way through the darkness. They had lamps in each room and worked, cooked, sewed, read and taught their children by lamplight. Nowadays lamplight is making a comeback as an alternative form of lighting to the electric light bulb – why because electricity is becoming to bloody expensive! No one is saying you have to get back to Victorian times re no electricity, just turn the lights off when you can and live by lamp light some times, it’s much nicer and will not cost you small fortune over the years. Although not everybody is an advocate of kero lamps making a comeback –

Kerosene wick lamps produce both light and hazardous soot –
But what about the millions of tons of coal and uranium that powers the world power stations, are they not significant sources of global warming too?? You be the judge.

November 30, 2012 | By Louis Sahagun

The bright orange flames of kerosene wick lamps used in millions of impoverished households around the world are significant sources of global warming and pollutants linked to respiratory diseases, according to a new study. Lab and field work led by researchers at UC Berkeley and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign showed that 7% to 9% of the kerosene consumed by the crude burners is converted to black carbon — a 20-fold increase over previous estimates, the study published online this month in the journal Environmental Science & Technology said.
In the next issue of 1910 Lifestyle we’ll talking about kerosene and oil lamps – the myths, the magic and the truth.


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