Here’s the best wild plum jam you’ll ever taste!


1 – Start with ripe but firm fruit – there’s approx. 5 kilos of wild plums here from the orchard.


2 – Add two cups of water and bring to to a simmer, remove the skins and stones.


Jam lidded

3 – With stones, stalks and skins removed bring up to the boil allow to rest. Add the sweetener, sugar, Agave or Stevia when still hot and allow to sit and cool with a lid on for 24 hours.



4 – Bring the jam up to the boil and hold, skimming off the foam, so common with berry fruit.


5 – Once you’ve allowed the jam to rest after doing the spoon test – The spoon test is when the jam is still on the hob and brought down to a simmer and starting to set – take a tee spoon full of jam and place in the freezer and allow to cool for 15 to twenty minutes and take out the tee spoon and hold vertical. If the jam holds to the spoon and creases then it’s going to be a good set.


6 – Get your self a stainless Steel jam funnel and fill the jars hot and cap.


7 – I’ve used 500gm and 750gm food jars  – these were sealed and hot filled. The other preserving jars are Vacola jars with snap tops on the jars. Place the jars on timber or a cooling mat, do not allow the jars to cool in a draft, on stainless steel tops, Granite or Marble.

The recipe? 5Kilos of fruit – 4 kilos raw organic sugar, (although you can use Agave or Stevia – add until the right sweetness is reached and you don’t need anywhere the amount of stevia or agave than you sugar – although you will need some natural pectin as well because agave and stevia do not caramelised like sugar  ) then add a tee spoon of vanilla concentrate, natural not the mock one, a cup of lemon squeezed juice and two cups of iron bark honey.

There you go – easy to make and Yummmmmm!

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