10 years ago it was a half dead grass paddock – now it’s a lush green forest!

I’ve often thought of what this area must have been like before it was settled in the 1860s. We live in Wildes Meadow in the Southern highlands of NSW and I’ve seen old shots of huge trees and lush forest and often wondered what it must have looked like when it was clothed in thick rain forest and trees, and it wasn’t that long ago either. So I thought I’d turn my empty paddock into a piece of Eden and forest and set a precident, but would I live to see it?

Well ten years later – what do you think?


Grahams paddock

This is what the paddack looked like ten years ago – A few trees, the area totally cleared for farming over 100 years ago and the soil dead from over grazing and Potato farming. To the pictures below of a young live canopy with rich brown soil, that is moist and covered in leaves and understory vegetation  – now that’s a legacy to leave!



IMG_0477 IMG_0474 IMG_0471 IMG_0491


This was the girls first tiny Christmas tree 12 years ago – it’s now over 4 metre tall.


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