The GREAT news about salt, it IS good for you, well NATURAL SALT is anyway!

Mmmm, the salt debate continues…

natural anti aging and wellness

We are all told not to eat salt because it has a direct effect on your blood pressure. It causes you to store water, causing strain on your kidneys. It is also linked to dementia, heart attacks, and stroke.

But the truth of the matter is, salt in its true form is VERY good for you. NOT the unnatural form of salt that we know as table salt, or the one we find in most processed foods.

But REAL natural sea, or Himalayan salt is essential for all of our cellular functions. Not whitened sea salt, or anything which is refined or bleached, which is what we generally find in the supermarket.

Real unrefined high mineral salt is pinkish or greyish in colour and the sea salt variety is very moist, not dry and smooth flowing as the normal salt we use. Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan salt is full…

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