How do you get Celery stems nice and white? You kick the bucket!




If you have or get offered some really rusted buckets, grab them for your Celery – knock or kick the bottoms out, once the celery is about a foot high, place the bottomless bucket over the Celery plant and half fill the bucket with compost.

As the Celery grows, keep filling the bucket up with soil until the plant matures and it will blanch the stems beautifully white – if you’re lucky to get a frost at the same time you’ll get really crunchy Celery as well.

Another use is, again kick the rusted bottoms our and quarter fill with compost and place some seed potatoes in the bottom and cover, as the shoots come up and start to form leaves, bury the shoots with compost, keep doing this until you fill the bucket to the brim – then allow the plant to mature, flower and wither, just pick the old bucket up by the handle and all the potatoes and compost will just fall out on the ground – you’ll get quite a harvest.

They also used use these old buckets for Rhubarb in the winter. The old timers used to cover the Rhubarb crown during winter with a bucket without a base and then place straw and compost on the crown to protect them from frost. It also gives the rhubarb crowns an early start in the spring – given the extra warmth radiated by the metal of the bucket! It works, I do it every year.

So if you have any old rusted buckets, and you don’t want them let me know please!!!

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