Here’s a web site that could probably save your life!

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Thanks Gillian for the link – a great resource and book too. Here’s a taste of the web site, it’s just inspiring! Thanks Donna.

Donna Schwenk’s Cultured Food Life.

I get a lot of emails telling me how cultured foods have touched and changed people’s lives. Often, well almost always,  they will make me tear up as I read them. You see, it was 12 years ago that I was one of the people who was sick and desperate to feel better. I thought my body had betrayed me with sickness and disease and I was on a never-ending quest to find the answer. One day, with tears rolling down my cheeks, I prayed and made a promise. If I could receive healing for myself and my family, I promised that I would tell others. The answers came swiftly and in a way that surprised me. The answer revealed itself to me in food I had never heard of – cultured foods. The despair and health problems my family and I had experienced lifted. The suffering was replaced with joy, gratefulness, and well being.

At first I was hesitant to tell anyone about these special probiotic foods I made. When I tried, I got comments like, “You make them without canning? Do you think that’s safe?  How come I’ve never heard of these foods and  nobody’s doing this but you? This sounds crazy, Donna!” It looked like I was doing science projects on my counter, not making power foods that could change your life. These foods are one of the safest ways to preserve and protect your foods. The good bacteria dominate and protect the foods from harm; it’s science, but how do I tell others without sounding like a nut? These foods had made me well and I felt such gratefulness and I had promised to tell others. I just had to find a way.


I started with a couple of friends. Their kids were sick with food allergies and asthma and they were constantly sick. It broke my heart. One day, sitting at the table and watching my friend’s little boy wheezing and coughing I broke. I started telling her how I thought these foods could help him. I started talking and couldn’t stop. It was like a dam inside of me broke and I just remember not wanting to take a breath for fear that she would stop me and tell me I was crazy. But instead, she listened. She started making kefir and cultured foods, and a few months later she told me her little boy wasn’t using his asthma inhaler any more. It was so powerful that her little 6-year-old boy knew that he had to have his kefir to keep his symptoms away. She told me once that she had stopped feeding him kefir for a month and one morning standing in the kitchen he demanded that she feed him his kefir. He knew his body needed it because his symptoms were returning without it. The other friend listened, too, and started feeding her little girl cultured foods, and I watched as her food allergies healed. It was the start for me. When we would get together, all we could talk about was cultured foods and then others accused us of having a food cult. It was pretty funny. But there was no denying what was happening.

People were getting well all around me and it started to grow and spread like crazy.

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