In the 1910 Lifestyle Magazine we touched on these GMO bullies!

Check out this link, it makes your hair stand on end – and believe you me it takes a lot to get my hair to stand up, given the lack of it. In the latest issue of 1910 Lifestyle we touched on GMO patenting and why it should be outlawed and not tolerated by any of us. If you don’t care – think of your kids, not much of a legacy to leave them. Let’s promote heirloom and heritage varieties of plants – Please!

Here’s Monsanto’s Dirty dozen – What a heritage!!


1 – Saccharin

2 – PCBs

3 – Polystyrene

4 – Atom bomb and nuclear weapons

5 – DDT

6 – Dioxin

8 – Petroleum-Based Fertilizer

9 – RoundUp

10 – Aspartame (NutraSweet / Equal)

11 – Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH)

12 – Genetically Modified Crops / GMOs

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