Top 15 Herbal Antibiotics – that’s right!

A friend of mine on Facebook  found this brilliant page which not only lists 15 of the best herbal antibiotics, but gives an explanation for why they still work and do not create resistant strains of bacteria. Click the link above to make your hair stand on end. Why? Because there has been great concern in recent times over antibiotic-resistant bacteria – and it’s hardly surprising: The use of antibiotics causes bacteria strains to evolve – and if you think about it, it seems like simple evolution of species at work. Let’s say the antibiotic wipes out most of the bacteria but not all. The ones that remain are those which have the strongest resistance – and these go on to multiply, creating a gradually stronger colony. Replicate this process several times and you have a bacteria that all of a sudden cannot be killed by the antibiotics – and you have a problem… MRSA and other “superbugs” are a very serious problem.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 10.16.57 pm

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