Given the threat of increased GST on food basics – It’s time to start producing some of your own tucker!

LETS CAST OUR MINDS BACK A COUPLE OF DECADES…SMH September 7 – 1998 No GST on food: Katter National Party MP Bob Katter bucked the party line and called for food to be exempt from the Howard government’s planned GST package. ”Removing GST on food would not be as difficult or costly as the government make out,” the Herald’s Ross Gittins said. ”[It] would make the tax package much fairer and more politically acceptable, with only minor losses in efficiency and simplicity.” Now there’s talk of increasing the GST to 12% and placing a GST on all food inclusive of basics such as bread and milk? Me thinks its time to start growing, preserving and making your own food, it’s really easy, and you can barter with your surplus food with someone else who has something you need – although illegal and outlawed by the ATO in this country, must people are starting to look at bartering as it can reduce your food bill dramatically!! Just check out the picture below – fresh cooking and crab apples, locally picked for jam and cooking, fresh pickled garlic from the veggie garden, ripe and green plums for pickling, sauces and jam making and swapped food such as organic marmalade, jams, jellies and pickles for the pantry for winter and the cost, just a few dollars. IMG_0204

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