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At the 1910 Ironworks we create, make or restore most things. Below are just a few of the projects we have completed for our very satisfied clients in the past 2 years.

Plus we offer Blacksmithing Classes in our Village Smith Shop in Wildes Meadow – For details ring Steve on 0402 481 461 or email him on stephen.hogwood@optusnet.com.au  it’s that easy!

Fireside sets – various sizes and prices…

Below – Vintage wood stove restoration…VINTAGE STOVE RESTORATION



Vintage Fuel Stove Restoration…

Here’s a before and after of one of our major restorations – Yet another Younger and Son ground up restoration, our third restoration of this style of Victorian fuel stove – totally rebuilt and restored over 3 months to full working order with a brand new stainless steel oven and shelves, rebuilt ash bucket, hinges, door catches, flues and dampers for a very happy client in The Rocks Sydney. We quote jobs based on restoration requirements and clients budgets!

IMG_1126IMG_1173IMG_1166Working with Vanessa at Plank &Trestle http://plankandtrestle.com.au/on a new range with hand forged metal fittings for her range of tables… we could work with you to on custom ironwork!

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.23.17 AMIMG_1689IMG_1795IMG_1798IMG_1794This was an Art Nouveau style Period balustrades made to order over 2 months fro a brand new house in Bowral NSW – all hand made and fitted by the 1910 Ironworks… Balustrades, gates, security doors and grills are all quoted based on design, location and the clients needs.

IMG_1246IMG_1248IMG_1292Miles of Colonial curtain rods, brackets and finials for a period house in Sydney..

IMG_1308 2IMG_1325



Vintage restoration of original or missing antique ironwork is one  of our specialities – for instance we repaired, restored and replaced the ironwork on this original 17 century Spanish sea trunk for a client…    we work with our clients on the cost of restorations.


Above, this Massport fuel stove from the late 1970s. The dear old girl had been left in the garden for a few years and needed some serious help. However, this stove was totally restored from the ground up for a client in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Long since out of production, some parts were still available, others had to be made or sourced from our old stove parts graveyard. Below is the result – a two hotplate fuel stove that will give active service for another 100 years. The cost of this restoration, parts and flue was $1,500 plus GST…


IMG_6827This commission (x20 handmade metal tomato stakes) was interesting and the product has now become one we produce on a regular basis for our clients. From $100 each. You can see them all in action at http://www.theloch.net.au/  

img_4428.jpgWe make a whole range of kitchen pot and meat hooks and pot racks most are made to order for clients around the country. Prices start at only $25 each…

IMG_4470We also get many requests for personalised, barn hinges, handles, door and window furniture, handmade nails and specific restoration pieces. Prices start from $45 plus GST…

IMG_5539Fireside pieces are also very popular, and we make all different styles and sets, from just fire pokers, personalised BBQ implements to toasting forks. Our fire side sets start at $250 plus GST and we can mail them to you…

IMG_3072Restoration work is also something we do as lot for our clients around the country. Some even send us original pieces to match or restore via post or over the internet. Like the two projects shown here. Restoring and repairing a ladies English garden fork from the 1930s, complete with a new hot riveted handle, to matching some 130 year old barn hinges from a heritage site shown below.

IMG_4475These fun pieces were produced for a man cave. Original timber boxes from the 1940 were embellished with metal motifs and the famous 1910 Ironworks ‘Man-handles’ made from old tools, in this case recycled spanners. We also had a client recently who wanted a whole lot of hooks and handles made from horse shoes.

The traditional handmade pot or camping fire trivet is still popular and great for going bush and boiling that billy over the open fire.

IMG_4682IMG_5844IMG_6248The restoration, the rewiring and total build of a new Art Deco stand, built from scratch for an original French movie light.


We do Blacksmith demo’s on site, at markets, fairs, corporate events you name it. Here’s one we did at Joadja. POA







IMG_4046Fuel stove rerstored

This project was a challenge, see the top montage, this was a badly rusted 1904 Younger No3 Fuel Stove totally restored back to original condition, and repaired with original parts, except the new Stainless Steel flu.

The client wanted to use the stove for heating and they wanted to be able to cook in and on the original stove too, so the old rusted out oven was replaced with a brand new stainless steel oven and shelves. The damper key was rusted off too, so we forged a new one to match the old.

This baby was restored from the ground up for a Sydney client in the Rocks. I also just had an enquiry from another client who wants the same fuel stove restored and rebuilt to use.

So if you like our work and need something made or restored – contact Steve Hogwood on 0402481461 or stephen.hogwood@optusnet.com.au