Think Wild at Peppers Manor House



1910 will be offering through Peppers Manor House an Artisan hub, at the newly refurbished, heritage stables in the grounds of this iconic, historic property in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW.

The Stables will be showcasing local artisans from a variety of different skills and crafts.  1910 will also be working with the hotel on corporate team building – that is offering its corporate clients in the artisan crafts, from Food to Forging, as part of building strong corporate communication and collaborative staff and management. You might say truly ‘Hands on Training’


The Stables will also offer its services to the many brides that choose Peppers for that special day in their lives.

1910 and the Stables will also conduct live demonstrations every weekend of local Artisans at work. Their work will also be on permanent display at the stables, be available for sale, private commissions and become the very fabric of the new Peppers in the Highlands.

So, please watch this space for more information, activities and the launch of the Artisan Stables.

Steve Hogwood.

+61 402 481 461